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Panama’s Hidden Treasures

Panama’s Hidden Treasures So here’s the situation, you have seen the panama canal, walked around casco antiguo and are amazed by the sudden rise in infrastructure, and then.. Your not too sure what else to do. What next? We have many people on our tours who always ask.. What else? Little do they know they have […]


Panama City

Panama City has a lot to offer tourists and often times it helps to have a little guidance. Let us guide through Panama City on our Panama City and Canal Tour. See a little bit of everything Panama has to offer with the help of our friendly guides. The day begins at the top of […]


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Panama was recently named the number one tourist destination for 2012. Panama is an extremely diverse country, diverse in every way. Panama is home to 7 indigenous tribes; the most famous being the Kuna Indians, who’s brightly colored molas are a top tourist souvenir. The Emberá Wounan live much like their ancestors, off the land […]