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FAQs  //  How to Book your Tour Online

TopBarefoot Panama Tour Booking Questions

How do I reserve a tour?

To request a reservation for one of the Barefoot Panama tours, you need to complete the booking form on the respective tour page in 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Select your tour date

Click on your desired tour date in the calendar located in the upper right portion of the tour’s page . If it is a multi-day tour, select the day you wish your tour to begin. After you select the desired date, click the green “Book Now” button below the calendar.

Step 2: Enter the number of Adults and Children in your group

You will be automatically directed to the tour’s reservation form. Double check the date entered in the form. If it is different than your desired date, enter the correct date. To the right of the date field, enter the number of adults and children in your group. Children are ages 12 and under.

Step 3: Update tour price

Click the “update” button after entering the number of people in your party in order to properly calculate the tour price.

Step 4: Complete the reservation form

After your price is calculated according to the number of people in your group, click the blue “Book Now” link below the booking form. Enter your contact information in the fields that appear. The more information you include the easier it is for us to reserve your tour. Once the form is complete click the “Book Now” button. You will be directed to an invoice page which shows the cost of the tour and other details. You may print this page for your records or continue browsing the site. A invoice will also be email to your supplied address once your tour is confirmed.

Step 5: Wait for your tour confirmation

Your tour reservation request will automatically be sent to a tour representative at Barefoot Panama. There is no need to pay for your tour at this time. We will review your desired tour date and any special considerations you may have. Once your tour is confirmed we will send you a confirmation email with payment instructions. The tour you have requested will not be guaranteed until you have received confirmation and facilitated payment.

Step 6: Payment

Only after your tour has been confirmed will you be required to pay. We will send you an email with your tour reservation, invoice and payment instructions.

Why does the reservation form say “Not available for the requested date. Please try another time or category”?

This message means that the day you have selected for your tour is not available. Please note that many of our tours require advance notice. Also, it could be due to you selecting a tour date on the calendar that is shaded grey. Only days highlighted in green on the calendar are available.

How far in advance must the tour be reserved?

It depends on the tour you want to take. Some of our tours take a few weeks notice so we can customize it to your needs and create the prefect Panama tour. However, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. If a tour is not available when you want to take it, please contact us and we will see what arrangements can be made.

Online reservations must be made in advance according to the following:

Panama Day tours – 2 days

Panama Multi-day tours – 2 weeks

Panama Package Tours – 2 weeks

Panama Extended tours – 1 month

Panama Specialty tours – 1 month

Build your own Panama tour – Varies

Why can’t I pay online when I request a reservation?

Some of our tours require special planning, customizing, and contacting third-party providers. Therefore we do not want you to pay for a tour when it is not available. So, we will confirm your reservation before asking you to facilitate payment.

Are there additional fees or taxes included in the tour price?

No, unless otherwise stated. Some tours offer optional activities whereby they are listed on the respective tour’s page. Optional activities require payment in addition to the tour price. Optional activities may be paid in cash during the tour.

Also, many of our tours require/allow for customization which will affect the price. If you want to customize a tour, please first complete the Booking Form and provide your contact information. After receiving your contact info we will contact you to personally create a tour tailored to your needs and wants.

How quickly will you confirm my tour?

We aim to respond to your tour request as quickly as possible. Some of our third-party providers are in very remote areas and are not easily accessible. It may take several days to confirm availability. That is why we kindly request advance notice. Please see the above question regarding “how far in advance must the tour be reserved?

Can I pay online for the tour?

Yes, we offer online payment through a secure Web server. Payment is currently accepted via PayPal. An invoice will be emailed to you with your tour confirmation which includes payment instructions. PayPal allows you to pay for your tours via your own PayPal account or with all major credit and debit cards.

Why do some tours have a minimum amount of people required to offer the tour?

Many of our tours require a minimum of two to three people to be offered. We will try to combine individual groups in order to provide the best price. However, if you want to take a tour that does not meet the minimum amount of people, you always have the option of paying a higher price for a private tour.

What if I need to cancel my reservation – can I get my money back?

Please read our terms and conditions which are listed below each tour booking form and at the bottom of your invoice.